The Château de Roquefeuille


The Domain of Roquefeuille is a wine estate constituted of 202 hectares, acquired by the BERENGER family in 1976. Back then, the Domain only counted 25 winery hectares and it is thanks to our family’s hard work and determination that it counts today more than one hundred winery hectare.

Our red wine is mainly composed of: Syrah, Cabernet and Grenache; for the rosé: Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault and for our dry white wine: Semillon and Rolle. 

Practically all our vines are exposed to our region’s bright sunshine in order to optimise the grapes’ maturity. We have chosen to minimise the use of vine treatments in order to preserve our domain as well as the environment.


Our wine is meticulously made within the domain’s wine cellar by employing non-oxidative vinification methods which greatly contributes to the high quality and varieties of our wine production. The cave is also separated into two distinct parts in order to entirely retrieve the grape’s taste where one is used for the fermentation of the red wine and the other for the elaboration of the rosé and white.

In order to maintain our red wine’s strong flavour without compromising its original fruity taste, we let the juice mature in oak casks for a few months. The rosé naturally develops a fruity taste of peach and grenache. Our white wine has a more affirmed taste of dried fruits which also enables us to conserve it longer for a longer period than the rosé.